How to find your new home

How to find your new home

You’ve made up your mind; you want to live in the Philippines. Now how do you go about finding suitable accommodation? Unlike in the west, where we simply check the listings on line, things are slightly different in the Philippines. Sure, there are websites to be found but most of these will list property for outrageous prices.

So how do you find your new home? Your Filipino family and friends may be able to help you. Also bear in mind that, unlike in the west, in the Philippines folks usually simply advertise their property by hanging a sign “House for rent/sale, contact tel…..” on their fence or window. The best way of finding a decent property at a reasonable price is by asking relatives or friends. Alternatively, you could check yourself into a guest house for a couple of days, rent a motorbike or car and go look around for yourself. You’ll have to go about 2 -3 kms from the tourist centres and you’ll find dozens of “Houses for Rent/Sale” signs for reasonable prices. If you plan to stay near a touristy place, make sure to arrive well before the high season starts for otherwise the best places will already be gone. Also, bear in mind that it is wiser to let a Filipino spouse/friend do the price negotiating. Unfortunately, if a foreigner does the negotiations you’re likely to be subjected to the infamous “white nose tax” and end up paying more. Happy house hunting!

To get a feel for house prices, have a look at the following websites:

Island Properties

Homes Point2




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